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Due to the current situation with COVID-19, the RRLA continues to explore options for the upcoming box Lacrosse season. We will advise on the status of a possible season based on developing health orders.  


On behalf the the Shamrocks organization, we thank you for your patience and continued support. Stay safe. 



Please click on the Registration tab for more information. 



Important dates for the 2021 season:




Shamrocks Apparel


We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Winnipeg Outfitters to create new Shamrocks merchandise. Click on the following link to view the selection of clothing and apparel.



Volunteers are needed!


The following positions need dedicated volunteers:


1. Numerous RRLA Board Representatives  

2. Advertising


If you are interested in any of these positions please email

Wade Garriock 

Welcome to the home of the The West Zone Shamrocks Lacrosse. The Shamrocks are part of the Red River Lacrosse league which provides competitive lacrosse for the ages of 4-21. We are a not for profit organization which is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. All games are played indoors and our home games are all based out of Keith Bodley arena.


What Is Lacrosse?

Native Americans are the creators of lacrosse. The sport was developed by the Native Americans as a way for conflict resolution, the training of young warriors and as a religious ritual.

In the 1930's, box lacrosse was invented in Canada as a summer sport for hockey players. There are two types of lacrosse - box and field however the most common version for Canadians, is box. The game is usually played in the spring and summer months in an ice hockey arena after the ice has been removed. Skills are used from a variety of sports - the running of soccer, team play of basketball, and the passing, shooting and contact of hockey.

Box lacrosse is a full contact team sport using a solid rubber ball and a lacrosse stick. The lacrosse stick is a long handled racket in which the head of the stick has a loose net strung into it that allows the player to hold the lacrosse ball.

A lacrosse team consists of a goalkeeper and five runners. The goal is smaller in box than in field lacrosse and the goaltender wears much more protective padding. Within thirty seconds of gaining possession of the ball, the attacking team must take a shot on goal. The object of the game offensively, is to use the lacrosse stick to catch, carry and pass the ball in an effort to score on the opponent's goal. When teams are on the defense, the object is to keep the opposing team from scoring and to dispossess them of the ball through the use of stick checking and body contact.

Lacrosse provides exceptional conditioning. Box lacrosse players are rewarded for their coordination and agility.