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Shamrocks Highlights

Success story

Help us congratulate one of our own, Jesiah Bennett!

Years of hard work, unwavering determination and always keeping an eye on the prize has paid off. 

Today, Jesiah patiently waited to learn his fate as the WHL draft began.  He didn’t have to wait long before he was notified that in the 3rd round one of his favourite teams had selected him. 

Hockey in Manitoba is lucky to keep him, the Brandon Wheat King’s are lucky to have him and the Shamrocks organization is lucky to have seen him grow throughout his career. 

Jesiah is another perfect example of a multi sport athlete that is a threat both on the lacrosse floor and on the ice!

We’re all extremely proud of you and wish you nothing but success wherever this journey takes you! 

Play hard Jett! 

Benefits of playing Lacrosse




We far too often see hockey players devote 365 days of the year playing hockey.

But some of the best players to ever play the game have praised about the benefits of playing lacrosse in the off season. Bobby Orr knows best...

John Tavares




John Tavares is another great example of a hockey player choosing to play Lacrosse in the off season for it's many benefits.

But what most of you don't know is that John had an uncle by the same name who played professional Lacrosse. By the time Tavares (the elder) finally stopped playing lacrosse professionally, his name sat atop all the notable records such as games, goals, assists and points, both in the regular season and postseason. And the players behind him aren’t even close.

John Tavares - Professional Lacrosse Player

John Tavares (born September 4, 1968, in TorontoOntario) is a retired professional box lacrosse player. He is the National Lacrosse League's all-time leading scorer

He is the uncle of National Hockey League player John Tavares.

Tavares is the NLL's all-time leader in games played (306), goals (815), assists (934), and points (1,749).[1] His 2,191 loose balls recovered is the second most all-time.